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Medical Holidays

All kind of medical and esthetical services - Turkey

Medical Services:

1. Aesthetics, plastic and reconstructive surgery

Nose Surgery - package 9 nights
Liposuction by Laser - package 5 nights
Gynecomastia correction –package 5 nights
Blepharoplasty - package 5 nights
Face Lift - package 9 nights
Prominent Ear Correction - package 4 nights
Abdominoplasty - package 9 nights

2. Dermatology and Medical Aesthetics

Intracel Skin rejuvenation 
FTC None surgical face lift
Cosmelan Enzymatic peeling
Face fillers and botox 
Permanent Make up 
PRP treatment 
Laser sclerotherapy capillary vein treatment
Hand and feet medical care

3. Hair Transplantation and Hair Health Centre

Hair transplant
Beard transplant
Moustache transplant
Eyebrow transplant
Hair transplant for women

4. Oral and Dental Health Aesthetic Dentistry

Zirconium-based veneer crown - package 7 nights
Dental Implant - package 4 nights 
Hollywood smile - package 4 nights

5. Varicose Vein Clinic
None Surgical Varicosis operation - package 5 nights

6. Eye Diseases
Eye Laser operation - package 2 nights
Cataract Surgery - package 5 nights
Protective Genetics – Gentest
Genetics test protection from expected illnesses - package 7 nights

7. General surgery 
General surgery
Orthopedics and Traumatology
Brain surgery

Conditions Apply

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